Kinetech Design

Kinetech Design is a London based art and design studio specialising in foldable and kinetic structures. We develop unfolding forms that explore light, space and movement for applications in both architectural environments and as art installations, through our flexible surface constructions. Our aim is to bring a tangible physicality to the digital aesthetic that envelops our daily lives by creating tactile, sculptural objects that mirror the pixelated visual language of cyber-space.

Kinetech Design grew out of the synergy of collaboration between two endlessly creative minds from the heart of East London. The co-founders, paper artist-designer Elod Beregszaszi and kinetic sculptor-designer Balint Bolygo share the passion for geometry, material and innovation. They create mesmerising architectural and interior design solutions from lighting to static and kinetic surface design.


Balint Bolygo

Balint makesĀ kinetic sculptures that over time create different types of images - drawings, paintings, etchings, films, light projections etc. The machines are sculptural objects that act out an artistic activity. His work explores the artistic practice through a process of invention, science and engineering.

Elod Beregszaszi

ElodĀ is a paper artist-designer with a background in paper-engineering and a specialism in Origamic Architecture - a technique that combines origami with kirigami. He has been creating folding concepts for exhibitions and clients for the past 15 years, establishing the foldesign studio practice - Popupology in 2006.